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Standard (Item No.311-30501)
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Provide Powerful Airflow

Engineered and manufactured under exacting production standards, Sonny’s filter separators create a powerful cyclone that guides debris into an easy-to-service waste container. Glazed polyester filter bags collect 99.9% of debris at three microns – allowing only clean dry air to pass through the vacuum producer. Available in 9 sizes capable of supporting high-airflow central vacuum systems up to 120HP.

Custom Color Option Available

Contact a Sonny’s Sales Representative for details.

Performance Features

Easy Maintenance

Virtually unbreakable and rust-proof polypropylene dirt bucket with lockable door latch assembly.


Internally glazed polyester filter bags eliminate clogging. Fast, tool-free removal and replacement.


Leak-proof “U” channel gasket expands and contracts for leak-free
sealed air chamber.


Heavy gauge stainless steel with continuous welded seams and automotive grade paint with urethane topcoat.


Filter Separator Specs Birds Eye
  • Separator
  • Dimensions
  • Recommended Vacuum
  • Inlet & Outlet Sizes
  • Item No.
  • Price
  • Standard
  • 72in H x 30in D
  • AirFlow up to 30HP
  • 6 in
  • 311-30501
  • $7,406.25
  • Standard Super
  • 84in H x 30in D
  • High AirFlow up to 40 HP
  • 6in
  • 311-31501
  • $9,823.28
  • Super
  • 84in H x 38in D
  • High AirFlow up to 60HP
  • 6in
  • 311-32501
  • $10,914.75
  • Jumbo
  • 96in H x 45in D
  • High AirFlow up to 90HP
  • 6in
  • 311-33501
  • $12,345.80
  • Titan
  • 123in H x 45in D
  • High AirFlow up to 120HP
  • 6in
  • 311-34501
  • $19,625.75


  • 1 These lines carry dirt and debris from vacuum cleaning system, one or two lines as required.
  • 2 Vacuum producer inlet air and filter separator vacuum supply line.
  • 3 Additional vacuum producer may be connected here and must be same size.
  • 4 3-leg hold down support locations.
  • 5 Support pipe every 10 ft. minimum with an approved support hanger system.
  • 6 Combination of 3in, 4in, and 6in diameter pipe respectively carries dirt from system.
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