Cyclone III Separator

Vacuum Cyclone III Separator

Prevent Clogged Vacuum Lines

Prevent Clogged Vacuum Lines and improve vacuum performance on AutoVac Vacuum Booms with Cyclone III Separators. Integrated 3inch ports and included mounting adapter for direct replacement of AutoVac stainless steel separators that’s also available as an option on new orders. True cyclonic forces larger debris to the bottom of the separator.


  • Easy 20 degree twist to unlatch from grooves to access filter and bag catcher.
  • Durable sunscreen protected unit to reduce fading over time.
  • Impact resistant plastic passing 30 foot drop test.
  • Easy to use debris screen.
  • 3-latches for easy cleaning of debris bucket.
  • Bag Catcher prevents plastic bags from clogging screen funnel.

Quick Disconnect Kit

Connect Gator Lock male adapter to top inlet
Connect Gator Lock female coupler to male adapter and lock cam levers
To service, lock plug on hose to preserve suction
Connect Gator Lock female coupler to vacuum house


  • Dimensions

    27-1/2in H x 15in D

  • Inlet

    3in FPT

  • Outlet

    3in FPT

  • Capacity

    10 Gal

Cyclone Separator Features

NEW Improved UV Protection and easy Twist-&-Clean Filter
NEW Twist-&-Clean filter detaches with one easy turn
Once separated, cleaning filter becomes very easy
3-latches for easy access to debris bucket
Dual outlets allow you to service two vacuum drops.
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