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To enjoy the Augmented Reality experience please open this page in your phone browser, then customize and view the Vacuum using your phone camera right at your car wash Vacuums Area.

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Augmented Reality

To enjoy the Augmented Reality experience, please customize the Vacuum below and then tap the AR Icon to view it through your phone camera right at your car wash Vacuums Area.

Central Vacuum Booms

L1 Vacuum Boom (Arch)

Our long reach L1 Vacuum Arch is ideal for large vacuum areas, where bigger really is better. Achieve striking visual impact with these oversized arch structures. Add a shade canopy between your L1 Arches to create expansive shade your customers will love. L1 Vacuum Arches are structurally engineered to withstand severe conditions and highly functional. Vacuum components are supported by the structure: primary separators, piping, hoses, nozzles, trash bins, recycling containers, towel buckets, lighting fixtures and more.


  • Striking visual impact from 14ft long-reach booms with extended shade and direct-feed dual drops that customers love.
  • Sturdy 6in post for either overhead or underground plumbing. Single or dual drops with built-in cleanout.
  • Maximize customer experience with aluminum canopies, accessories, RGB-LED lighting, separators, and custom colors to support your brand.

Custom Color Option Available

Contact a Sonny’s Sales Representative for details.

L1 Boom Options

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  • Price
  • L1 w/ Baseplates SS Mini Separator & Compression Coupling
  • $5,576.08
  • L1 Vacuum Boom Only
  • $4,462.92
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