Vacuum Booms & Canopies

Vacuum Boom Styles

Increase your competitive advantage with multiple Vacuum Boom Styles to choose from!

Provide customers with an inviting vacuum area that doesn’t require a lot of staff or effort to keep your vacuum always ready for the next customer. Sonny’s CarWash vacuum system design team will leverage a depth and breadth of vacuum equipment, accessories, and expertise unmatched in the industry to create a visual impact that will attract passing traffic to your wash.

  • Customize for a unique, branded look
  • Superior piping solutions to improve performance
  • Top accessories available to elevate customer experience

Boom Styles

A Series Boom


Vacuum Booms

Ease of installation with a range of lengths to create a clean and functional look.

L Series Boom


Vacuum Booms

Striking visual impact with long-reach extended shade that customers love.


Vacuum Booms

V-shaped with hose drop for each side of every vehicle.

Double Drop

Vacuum Booms

Elegant form with separate lines to reduce any potential for clogs.


Vacuum Booms

Sleek and modern appearance that’s easy to install and easy to maintain.

65° Classic

Vacuum Booms

Durable design with integrated cross bar for mounting flexibility.

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