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Our Experts Will Help You Design a High Performance Central Vacuum System In 4 Easy Steps

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Choose Your Vacuum Producer

Strong, durable, and dependable. Sonny’s Vacuums by AutoVac producers are built to exact standards with the most trusted design and materials in the industry. Enjoy peace of mind with very little maintenance and the lowest warranty claims in the industry!


  • How many people will vacuum simultaneously?
  • How long is the "vacuum run"?
  • What are your electrical requirements?
  • List of special requirements such as high altitude or out-of-the-ordinary debris.

Choose Your Filtration Devices

Sonny’s Vacuums by AutoVac stainless-steel filter separators utilize precision engineering to maximize airflow and minimize clogging to capture up to 99.9% of particles at 3 microns. Both primary and point of use separators are available in a range of styles and materials to support any car wash application imaginable.


  • Leak-proof door designs to ensure constant performance.
  • Filter bags to eliminate clogging with toolless maintenance.
  • Automotive grade finishes and stainless-steel separators optimize corrosion resistance.
  • Complete range of sizes.

Plan Piping, Supports and Canopies

Elevate customer throughput, convenience and satisfaction, while maximizing suction and lowering utility costs. Sonny’s engineers design a custom vacuum solution to promote your brand that improves throughput and minimizes maintenance.


  • Aluminum overhead or zinc underground piping.
  • Vacuum boom designs to create a captivating and memorable appearance.
  • Specialized vacuum nozzles to elevate suction and performance.
  • Multiple canopy options to support any appearance and shade requirements.

Optimize Motor Controls

From standard magnetic starters and disconnects to software-based power management systems like Vacuum IQ™, Sonny’s provides the technology to support a comprehensive vacuum solution. Vacuum IQ™ can cut energy consumption up to 70% while extending equipment life and reducing maintenance.


  • Lower electric bills through reduced energy consumption.
  • Reduce downtime and extend equipment life at lower speeds.
  • Control ramp-up and operating speed to improve customer vacuum experience.
  • Take advantage of rebates offered by most energy suppliers.
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