A1 Boom

A1 Vacuum System with Two Vacuum Areas

16 Spaces / 32 Drops

Vacuum IQ Cost & Savings Example

Included Vacuum IQ™ Energy Savings pay for itself in 1.113* years with energy savings of $26,051* per year with this configuration!

Qualifies for Rebates

*Contact your Sonny’s representative to conduct an assessment for your specific site to evaluate your potential savings. This Energy Savings Estimation is based on national averages and does not represent actual savings which are dependent upon site-specific criteria. We assume no responsibility for the accuracy of the supplied data on this report. All prices & availability subject to change without notice.

Annual cost with NO IQ System
IQ Cost
Annual cost with IQ System
IQ Savings
Annual Savings
IQ Monthly Savings
Monthly Savings

Configuration Includes:

90HP Vacuum System

(2) high-performance 25HP and (1) 40HP Vacuum Producers deliver optimal customer pleasing suction to 32 vacuum drops.

Vacuum IQ™ Management System

Maximize energy cost savings while extending the life of your equipment with the included 2x25HP and 1X40HP Vacuum IQ™ Systems.

Stainless-Steel Filter Separators

(1) 84” x 38” and (1) 96” x 45” Stainless-Steel Filter Separators with centrifugal action. (32) point-of-use canister Stainless Steel Mini separators facilitate maintenance while protecting performance.

A1 Booms, Canopies & Plumbing

A1 Vacuum Booms with included hose, nozzles and trash receptacles, square buckets, mat holders, air gun blower kit, Polytex canopies and custom paint to complement your brand with RGB Colored LED lights. Engineered vacuum manifold to include both aluminum tube and aluminum fittings to ensure optimum performance and exceptional appearance.

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