Car Wash Categories

Express Wash

Express exterior car wash facilities offer a super fast washing experience followed by customer self-service interior finishing and vacuuming.

  • Exterior

    Mechanized car wash tunnel equipment has replaced human interface in the exterior washing process.

  • Interior

    Customers now complete the interior cleaning process and interface with the vacuum system. The quality of the experience with the vacuum system is a large factor in overall customer satisfaction.

Flex Wash

Although there are hundreds of variations, the typical flex-serve is the combination of Express Exterior and Full-Service offerings in one location. The foundation of this style is an Express Exterior conveyorized tunnel with an automated gated entry that requires no manual prepping and produces a clean, shiny, and completely dry car with no additional human labor required.

Optional exterior cleaning services, such as tire shining and bug removal, are performed via computer-controlled equipment. Customers select a base wash package at the kiosk and then add additional services. Normally this whole process takes 15 minutes or less. Wash customers usually stay in the vehicle through the wash.

Exterior-only customers immediately exit, often passing vended vacuum stations. Customers that purchased additional interior detailing services follow directional signage to an aftercare center where they turn over their car to an attendant and wait in a lobby while their vehicle is prepared

Full Service Wash

At full-service car washes, car wash attendants perform cleaning services – inside and out. Customers exit their vehicles and retreat to a waiting area. In these situations, a focused interior cleaning process is crucial to achieving the fastest waiting time for customers.

Self Service Wash

Self service customers usually park their vehicles in a “wash bay”. Customers then interface with a control device to turn on the stationary wash equipment and select specific products such as soaps, waxes, and water under high pressure.

Vacuuming is typically completed in a vacuum area out of the wash bay. Customers will pay at the vacuum station and the amount of payment typically dictates the amount of time the vacuum will operate.

Fleet Services

Commercial Business Accounts use a totally cashless procedure. Vehicle operators aren’t handling money or credit cards and they don’t have to worry about collecting and turning in receipts. It’s a quick and hassle-free vacuum experience!

A fleet car wash program can be tailored to meet your needs.

  • Choose your wash options
  • Choose your payment options
  • Oil Change Services are also available

Vacuum System Design

Our engineers consider a multitude of factors when designing each system so that the final product meets or exceeds expectations. We carefully consider the size and layout of your facility, equipment location, the number of simultaneous users, ergonomic outlet placement, as well as the debris and materials handled.

Our team utilizes advanced software programs to ensure the final product matches clients’ exact needs. We can work with your architects and engineers to obtain a stamped set of drawings.

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